Specialty Pharmaceutical Pipeline


PER1080 is a rapid-acting formulation of a therapeutic drug candidate that seeks to prevent allergic reactions to peanuts and other allergens.

This program is based on rapid allergen desensitization to protect people who are allergic to peanuts and other substances from potentially life threatening allergic attacks. Perosphere is developing a rapid-acting, safer and more effective allergen desensitization formulation based on allergen-containing microspheres.



Felbamate for Traumatic Brain Injury

PER726 is an intravenous therapeutic drug candidate that seeks to reduce brain cell damage, which typically occurs after cardiac arrest, stroke, or traumatic brain injury ("TBI").

http://perosphere.com/images/drugcandidates_clip_image002.gifThis program is based on an IV drug delivery formulation of felbamate created by Perosphere. Felbamate is an approved, orally administered drug marketed as an anti-epileptic in the United States. Perosphere intends to pursue clinical development of felbamate for neuroprotection. Felbamate is highly insoluble in aqueous media and as a result cannot currently be administered intravenously, as is necessary for a neuroprotective indication. Perosphere has developed and applied for patents on a novel concentrated, formulation of felbamate suitable for IV administration. While the drug is not currently approved for such use there is substantial preclinical data supporting its use as a neuroprotectant. Furthermore, felbamate operates by a unique mechanism of action that supports its use for protecting neurons from indirect damage. Moreover, felbamate’s mechanism of action is one of three pathways identified by the NIH (NINDS) as important targets for neuroprotective drug therapies.